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Natural detox and
cleanse made for you

N-ZYME® is the enzyme that is made
to provide you a natural way to purify your body.

Do you consume artificial or processed foods at all? - Then this one is for you.
N-ZYME® will help rejuvenate your body’s natural ability.


Gift from our mother nature
the secret of mangrove forest

N-ZYME®'s key components as enzymes, organic acid, pediocine, toxin killer are produced by microorganisms that were found in mangrove forest where have natural water purification systems.

The very enzyme has the ability to decompose organic materials as foods and toxins in your body.

Digestive enzymes includes:

Amylase Lipase Protease Dehydrogenase Xylanase β-glucanase Peptinase Cellulase


Rejuvenate your body’s natural ability

Originally our body absorbs nutrients that we need and emits toxic agents with no effort but the artificial food and processed food can stress the body as these types of food takes longer process of digestion, absorption and emission. The more you consume artificial food and processed food, the more likely your body is going to be overworked.

You can’t beat nature.

Rejuvenate your body’s natural ability

N-ZYME® supports your vivid life by providing the nature’s powerful source of health.