What is alcohol degrading enzyme supplement “KISLIip”?

For people who would enjoy drinking!

Here you will find some frequently asked questions and answers about KISLip.
What is KISLip ?
Is KISLip a similar supplement to a “turmeric supplement” you would have when you drink?
They are the same in the sense that both are taken when drinking, however they are totally different supplements as to the ingredients, the product concept, and the quality between them!!

I will say it again! KISLip is totally different from Turmeric supplements!

You may ask, “what is the difference?”

Well, there are three major points.

The 1st point: Product concept (idea) is very different.

The 2nd point: Components are totally different.

The 3rd point: Price and value are very different.

Let’s talk about the definitions of each points above.


The 1st point: Product concept Taking turmeric products when drinking has become common sense.

Curcumin in Turmeric supports improvement in liver performance, helping the process of breaking down alcohol in the liver smoother.
Did you know this?
Here is a question for you.

What is the cause of people who cannot hold their drinks?

This answer is not because you have a bad liver, people are not born with enzymes that break down alcohol.
There is no point in just improving your liver performance, unless you have the enzymes.
That is why KISLip is the product focused on the enzyme.

“What people who cannot consume alcohol need are enzymes!”


The 2nd point: Components are totally different.

I have already emphasized the importance of enzymes when consuming alcoholic drinks.
The component in KISLip are “enzymes“!
They are “vital enzymes” KISLip does not contain any turmeric!


The 3rd point: Price and value are very different.

You might have established an idea that KISLip may be a revolutionary product.
That is correct.
We take pride in KISLip as a revolutionary product.
In a market where the main target used to be the liver itself or products that improve liver function, we focused on the enzymes that help the liver function.
It seems like it easy to understand the importance of enzymes.
Why were there no products making use of enzymes in the market?
That is because there were no raw materials in products that could supply “enzymes” that are required to break down alcohol.
N- ZYME (NZ) is the only raw material enzyme that makes this possible.
N-ZYME is an unique substance and it is conventionally utilized as an enzyme supplement raw materials for medical practices.
Which means N-ZYME is the raw materials that are required for good health.
Therefore, KISLip is a luxury!

One last thing… Supporting your liver function means you are overworking your liver to break down. There is even a saying “rest your liver day”, it is not the best idea to put too much stress on your liver.
Originally the liver is a hard worker as a silent organ.
As your liver requires a routine care, it is too late to treat a damaged liver when you notice something wrong with it.

Are you going to make your liver create enzymes that your liver originally does not have, just so you can get rid of hangovers faster?
How about if you could supply enzymes to deal with it?

I would be happy if you understood KISLip’s concept, features and genuine value better through this article.
This not a product for those who only seek a cure for hangover!


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