Alcohol is broken down by enzymes

Can you hold your drink? or not?

You have been questioned at least once.
First of all, why are there people who can hold their drink and those who cannot?
Does it depend on genetics?
Yes, it does.
The difference in the amount of enzymes running in your blood.
Therefore, whether you can or cannot hold your drinks does not depend on how you live.
Unlike, your taste in foods which differs by your surroundings.
Please note that it depends on whether you have the enzymes that break down alcohol and not on whether you have a strong liver.


“How alcohol is broken down in your body?

”Process of breaking down alcohol” Whether you can hold your alcohol or not depends on how smooth the process of breaking down alcohol happens in your liver.
The smoother it is the stronger you are, the less smoother it is the weaker you are.
“Enzymes” are what makes the process of degrading alcohol go smoothly.
Ethanol (alcoholic drinks) is broken down in-vivo and is converted into acetaldehyde by alcohol degrading enzymes.
Then, acetaldehyde-degrading enzymes break down acetaldehyde that is responsible for hangovers and turns it into a harmless substance.
In other words, both alcohol degrading enzymes and acetaldehyde-degrading enzymes work together to transform alcohol into a harmless acetic acid.


It is said that there are three types of human beings.

  1. People who possess both enzymes
  2. People who only possess alcohol degrading enzymes and do not possess acetaldehyde-degrading enzymes.
  3. 3 People who do not have either enzymes Quantity and quality are also important factors.

Even if you possess both, if the amount is small or the enzymes you possess may not be able to break down alcohol.
In other words, people who do not possess enzymes (②, ③) and those who possess less or low quality enzymes (① ‘), are not capable to get a good response from this in-vivo performance, even though your liver function is accelerated in order to work harder and harder.

What is needed is not a commander for accelerating liver functions, but an associate to cooperate (enzymes).
Ideal kindness is bringing supporter into your body, instead of forcing your body to work harder.
However, this gentle care of our body is resulted from your knowledge on alcohol decomposition mechanism.
Please look after our body well since your body is your lifelong mate!

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