These are some things that athletes forget.

These are some things that athletes forget.

Intense training does not only put a lot of stress on athletes, but it also causes their bodies to burn a large amount of protein and carbohydrates.

What athletes tend to forget in their diet is,
if they consume a lot of nutrients are their bodies consequently processing it effectively?

Or if they give enough care to their digestive systems and intestines?

Even though it is possible to train and strengthen their body, it is not so easy to strengthen the digestive system and improve one’s stomach function.

On the other hand, if you try to absorb more nutrients by increasing your diet, you will be adding more stress on your digestive system and could cause a big health issue.

For example, you wake up with indigestion, or feel constipated or have diarrhea, …
In reality, we think that there are many top athletes who have stomach or digestive system issues as they consume more than their bodies are capable of processing.

It is quite possible that the intense training the athletes go through is causing their bodies to produce more acid which could lead to their stomach issues.

So, we think that we do not have to focus on only learning about nutrients and what we eat, but also on;

  • Digesting and absorbing foods adequately
  • Taking care of your stomach well in order to control adequate digesting and absorption
  • Digestive abilities meeting demands for your training volume and your food volume intake
  • Deterioration of athletic performance due to overburdened digestive system.

These are some points that we believe athletes should focus on to improve their athletic performances.

We would like to tell as many athletes as possible about such a new perspective of meal guidance.

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