It is time for enzymes rather than turmeric

Turmeric has been known as the best way to prevent hangovers and getting sick from alcoholic drinks. As pros and cons generally have been discussed the benefits of turmeric, I have given turmeric a thought myself.

Firstly, turmeric contains a substance called “curcumin” which improves liver performance.
You have certainly heard of this.
Features of turmeric stimulates hepatocytes by activating secretion of bile, enhancing alcohol process activities in your liver.
By degrading acetaldehyde (toxin) and it is widely known as a good counter measure for preventing hangovers.

Here are some questions.

Q1: Will people who do not have a lot of enzymes that degrade alcohol be able to hold their liquor by enhancing their liver function?

Q2: Does enhancing liver activities overburden your liver?

A1: Whether you are able to hold your alcohol or not does not depend on how strong your liver is, it depends on how much alcohol degrading enzymes your liver has.
Therefore, no matter how much you improve your liver function it would not change how much enzymes you produce.

A2: It is said that people who have liver problems should refrain from taking turmeric.
Taking turmeric enhances liver activity which leads to overstressing your liver.
Turmeric is a temporary solution to your alcohol consuming needs as it does reduce your likelihood to get a hangover the next day.
However, this is only a temporary solution that will result in difficulties in your liver in the future as you are putting a lot of stress on your liver with turmeric.

Is it really good to boost liver activities?

Even though curcumin could improve liver performance, if you are not born with enzymes that degrade alcohol don’t you think there is no point?

Improving your liver function to help process alcohol better means you are overworking your liver, right?

Liver the silent organ.

The Liver is called a “silent organ”.
You may have experienced stomach aches, hip pains or breathlessness however, it is unlikely you have “felt” your liver.
If you have felt something wrong with your liver you should go to see your doctor immediately.
If you feel anything wrong with your liver is already untreatable.
Since the liver is a hard worker, no matter how hard a liver works, is tired, or damaged, it does not let us know so easily.
Your liver serves repeatedly in silence, and suddenly explodes some day at once.
In result of your liver working hard you do not get hangovers.
No hangover does not mean that your liver is not affected.
No hangover after having a lot of alcoholic drinks, means that your liver has been taking hits.
It seems better to have turmeric in consideration of your health conditions!


What is a good solution for those who possess fewer alcohol degrading enzymes and who would like to refrain from overburdening their liver?

Let us take a look from a different perspective! Wouldn’t it be nice if enzymes are produced in the liver and if enzymes could be supplied?
For example, “Vinegar” when extracting the alcohol to produce vinegar, enzymes are required for extracting the alcohol.
We have been using this process of degrading alcohol using enzymes for a very long time. The idea that enzymes are necessary for after drinking care have become popular now.

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