An inquiry “are enzymes essential?”

“Enzymes are becoming popular now, and are they essential?” that is an inquiry what we have been asked.

The bandwagon of enzymes represents enzyme drinks?
It just presents enzyme extract? that are inquiries what we are in our minds. Let’s leave that aside for now.

“Enzymes,” can be said that it is essential elements in our life activities.

Even if you move your muscles, think, or blink, somewhere in the body moves
When moving muscles, thinking, blinking, or even though staying still, some body parts remain active.
It is not possible to maintain such life activities, unless enzymes are not working.
The seven main classes of nutrients (five main classes of nutrients; carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals, and adding fiber and water)
These calorie-oriented dietetics is even now mainstream in medical practices, nutritionists and health industry as well.
However, vitamins are called as “coenzyme,” and do not make sense without presence of enzymes for vitamins and/or minerals.
No matter how we would take excellent nutrients, waters and toxins are not be able to be convert them into energy or to be processed unless enough enzymes that may absorb nutrients.
That is why we would possess enzymes.
The amount of enzymes available in our lifetime are limited.

We have a limited amount of enzymes that are available throughout our lifetime.
It equally happens to every human beings that the enzymes provided and stored in our bodies are consumed little by little, as we age.
When we would consume enzymes too much, we get sick and when we would run out of our entire enzymes provided and stored in our bodies our lives end.

Of course, it may be unnecessary to supply enzymes for those who do not waste enzymes.
We human beings have to eat for maintaining our lives and have to do activities for digestion, absorption, and excretion by making use of our enzymes.

As nutrients are depending on enzymes and our life activities are depending on enzymes, the answer to the initial inquiry is therefore “YES.”


Enzymes are necessary for athletes who matter for their building up bodies more than health care.

The article below is for athletes.

These are some things that athletes forget.

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