Why We Made Hangover Pills – Story of Japanese drinking culture

Japanese Sake
Japanese Sake

Some research says that 1 in 2 Japanese can’t hold their liquor well.

I am no exception to this and I always wondered what are the ways to become tolerant to drinking alcohol. It might sound crazy but I was serious. My colleagues (who are also lightweight) and I gathered to produce the cure because we know very well how unenjoyable it is to drink alcohol when it is forced to do so for work. Yes, it’s a Japanese thing.

KISLip supplement was first introduced in 2016 and here is our story.

Our passion to share it with the world.

Very unique Japanese drinking culture and how we found the method.

“Wait, so you can’t drink?”

“No sir, I’m a lightweight.”

While I was at my previous job, I had the exact same conversations countless times with clients or executives whom I had to entertain.

Although I’d explain that I’m a lightweight, it wouldn’t mean that I don’t have to drink for the occasion. In Japanese culture, drinking is rather forced. Especially when it comes to work situations.

In the old days it was a commonsense to provide the dinner meetings to clients with drinks. Japanese “salary man”(Japanese-English word for white collars) believed (and a lot of them still do) that meetings with drinks would close the case. It was necessary.

Also in Japan, people find it really difficult and feel uncomfortable to say NO. Especially to an offer from someone superior than you like boss or important clients. So I drank because I had to. I had no choice. I swallowed whatever the liquor I had to, knowing that at the end of the night I’d threw up. Next morning I woke up with unpleasant headache and my body was exhausted and almost impossible to function. But still, I had to go to work.

It’s a Japanese thing. Okay but why would I put myself in such ridiculous situation? Did I gain trust from my boss or clients? Yes, I’d say so. Is my body damaged? Absolutely. Why do I do this? Is there anything more important than my health? This is ridiculous.

I always wished if I could drink a bit more. What if drinking was not an issue? Would my life be any different?

I knew it wouldn’t just be my wish. So I built the project team in my company to make my dream pills come to real life.

Why are Japanese intolerant to alcohol?

Well, it’s genetic. It runs in our Eastern Asian race, Mongoloid to be exact.

When you are a lightweight drinker, it usually means that you lack the two necessary enzymes.

These two enzymes are, Alcohol Dehydrogenase and Acetaldehyde Dehydrogenase.

Acetaldehyde Dehydrogenase is more important in order to metabolize alcohol.

Acetaldehyde Dehydrogenase works to break down the toxin called Acetaldehyde which causes asian flush(that unpleasant facial redness, I know), headache, nausea and hangover.

It is said that 44% of Japanese lack or have inactive Acetaldehyde Dehydrogenase.

It is genetically impossible for us to be a big drinker.

Japanese fermented foods had all the answers we needed.

The most famous microbial fermentation used in Japan is to produce Sake. The same microbial fermentation is also used in process of making vinegar.

I thought this will be the breakthrough.

We can take the advantage of microbial fermentation that is used in the process of making vinegar because alcohol is metabolized in human body the same way.

Can it be used to help human bodies to metabolize alcohol?

Acetic acid bacteria and other microbes break down alcohol into acetic acid. KISLip provides you active enzyme to help your body to do so.

KISLip compensates for what’s missing in our body.

The missing biological ability to tolerate alcohol that most Japanese are lacking.

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At first KISLip was produced in hopes of solving issues that’s been bothering many Japanese people for too long but I’m confident that KISLip can reach out to everyone else.

Drinking culture in Japan is different. It’s pretty Intense and forced.

For what I understand, most westernized countries have mild drinking culture.

If you can’t drink or simply don’t want to drink, you just say no. No one is going to force you to drink with them just because it is a work occasion. Simply, no means no.

KISLip supplement is not just for those who are alcohol intolerant.

It works as hangover cure so it is for everyone(above legal age of drinking, of course).

What if I told you there is a way to prevent you from getting hangover? Or you could enjoy drinks while taking care of your internal health?

Try KISLip supplement as your next hangover cure.

Trust me it works.

Have you ever wondered if you could enjoy a drink or two without having to worry about the unpleasant effects like asian flush?

I wish to celebrate all your good times.

Fun times with your friends and family.

Romantic time with your partner.

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