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ALDH2 supplement and ADH supplement

  • ADH1B
  • ALDH2
  • Probiotics
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Coenzymes

1Box(12Packs 24Tablets)

$ 73.00per pack $ 6.00

Hangover cure tablets KISLip Package

made in japan🇯🇵

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Get the help from nature to
break down alcohol

While drinking alcohol may help you relax or feel refreshed,
it can also stress your body causing violent hangovers like headache or troubled skin such as acne or blemishes.
In worst case, drinking alcohol may cause alcoholic liver disease.

Mangrove and its enzymes that work as natural water purification systems

KISLip®, enzyme supplements helps converting toxic acetaldehyde which is created when the alcohol in the liver is broken down by enzyme, so that it can be eliminated from the body.

KISLip® is for you if…

  • you are looking for ways to cure hangover.
  • you get red-faced easily when drinking and don’t want that any more.
  • alcohol is your headache trigger.
  • you have a low tolerance to alcohol and would like a help for your alcohol digestive system.
  • you don’t want alcohol to take a toll on your beauty.
  • you are working to get in shape but still want to enjoy occasional drinking.

How enzyme supports breakdown process of alcohol

The enzymes alcohol dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase break down the alcohol that is consumed.

Mangrove’s natural purification system helps lighten hangover in two ways.
How could alcohol metabolism be improved?

There are genetic differences in variations of enzymes ADH and ALDH that individuals carry, means different people take different amount of time to breakdown alcohol. To speed up the process, taking enzyme supplements will help.

  1. Alcohol dehydrogenase metabolizes alcohol to acetaldehyde.
  2. Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase metabolizes acetaldehyde to less toxic byproduct.

These two enzymes work more or less efficiently depending on genetic factors that is why some people can’t tolerate alcohol.

Those who carry less efficient alcohol dehydrogenase

With only little amount of alcohol, a person can experience physical unpleasantness.

Those who carry less efficient acetaldehyde dehydrogenase

The lack of ability to process acetaldehyde will cause toxic substances to build up. This can cause unpleasant reaction such as headache and facial redness and the risk of liver cell damages can get higher.

Today there are many types of supplements that promote liver function but they will not work as effective as they should unless you have the enzymes which is the key factors for healthy liver function.

KISLip® got your back

If you are a person who has alcohol sensitivity because of less efficient enzymes or if you are a regular drinker who is looking for ways to aid your digestive system, KISLip makes it easy for you to take two very important enzymes - alcohol dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase.


KISLip® contains digestive enzymes such as amylase and lipase that support the digestive and intestinal systems. Even if you had wings and fries with your drinks, taking KISLip supplements can help your body to digest so that you are less likely to get unpleasant effects the next day.

Take KISLip® supplements while you enjoy drinking and experience mangrove’s natural power to detoxify your body!

Customers’ review

Male 60s

“I used to get dizzy only after few drinks and always suffered from severe hangover.”

How do you take KISLip?

- I take it with water, 15 - 30 minutes before I start drinking.

Tell us how you feel about KISLip.

- My friend recommended me this product a few months ago and it changed my life. It might sound exaggerated but I really mean it. I’m 65 years old and I can finally enjoy my drinks thanks to KISLip. It is really effective and I can tell that enzymes help me a lot. I think it’s great for people who face the situation where they have to drink to entertain clients for their work at dinner meetings etc. I really hope that everyone has a chance to try this. Thank you KISLip!

Male 30s

“KISLip helps me maintain my health and prevent from hangover.”

How do you take KISLip?

- During and after drinking. If I started to feel sick while I’m drinking, I’ll take the tablets. Even if I don’t, I’d take it at the end of the night anyway.

Tell us how you feel about KISLip.

- I work as a sales representative for beer brewing company so my clients are bars, restaurants and pubs. It is part of my job to hop into my clients’ during their open hours in order to build a good relationship. When I do “bar hopping”, I visit 3-4 different places per night. Originally, I don’t hold my liquor well so I used to get pretty heavy hangover. Also as years go by, I gained weight because of alcohol and the bar food that comes with it. It was when our first child was born. I decided I have to do something about my health. I heard about KISLip from a friend of mine. Because of my job, I already understood how enzymes are related to alcohol metabolism so I immediately felt that this product is what I need then ordered online. I don’t worry about getting hangover any more as long as I have KISLip in my bag. Also, I noticed that my digestion got better. I used to be exhausted but with better digestion, I now have energy to do some exercise at the weekend and lost weight.

Female 40s

“I was concerned about my health ”

How do you take KISLip?

- After drinking.

Tell us how you feel about KISLip.

- I own a hostess bar in Tokyo. For years, I have been drinking about 1800cc of alcohol every night. As you can imagine, my body was near its limit but it was my job. When my friend first introduced me KISLip, I was skeptical but I took it just to see how it goes then the next morning, I woke up feeling really good. Usually I am tired in the morning and find it hard to get out of bed. I didn’t become religious right after but I gave it a shot because it’s better than nothing. I took KISLip everyday for a while then something magical happened. I was suffering from gynecological illness for years but the condition got better. It was a wonderful surprise that my doctor couldn’t believe it either! There are other products that help you prevent from getting hangover but KISLip is the only one that can cure the body that got damaged by alcohol.

Hangover Cure Supplement

  • ADH1B
  • ALDH2
  • Probiotics
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Coenzymes

1Box(12Packs 24Tablets)

$ 73.00per pack $ 6.00

KISLip Package

made in japan 🇯🇵

Ingredients before:

Fermented rice bran powder(Rice bran extract,Rice flour,Rice powder,Sodium chloride),Maltitol,Vitamin E/Sorbitol,Microcrystalline cellulose,Hydroxypropyl cellulose,Vitamin C,calsium stearate,Sour agent,L-lysine monohydrochloride,Flavor,Particulate silicon dioxide,Sweetener(Stevia),L-Methionine,Betaine,Vitamin B1,Vitamin B2,Vitamin B6

Supplement facts
Serving size: 2 tablets 2.4g

Calories   9kcal
Protein   0.44g
Total Fat      0.13g
Total Carbohydrate    1.52g
Sodium   0.02g

Per Box:

28.8g(1.2g x 2tablet / pack x 12 pack


Take 2 tablets a day with water.
Avoid direct sunlight. Store in a cool dry place.


●After opening, avoid direct sunlight, high heat and humidity.
●Keep out of reach of children.
●Discontinue use if experiencing any adverse reaction.
●Talk to your doctor if (1)you have any medical condition (2)are pregnant or nursing.
●Use in a dry, hygienic condition.
●If you have any allergies, read the ingredients before you take.
●This product was produced in a facility that also process milk and soy.
●This product is made with natural ingredients. Natural color change or spots may occur. This does not affect product quality.