What can I do to “train”my body to tolerate alcohol better?

Festive occasions, date nights, you name it and I can tell that for a lightweight drinker, the struggle is real. Especially in Asian culture.
For example at the party, everyone is getting drunk, having the time of their life and enjoying the drinks they enjoy. But you? You wanted to enjoy like your friends but you are too dizzy even after few sips and at the end of the night, you ask yourself “Will I ever be able to down alcohol like there’s no tomorrow and still remain sober?”

Today, we are going to talk about what a lightweight (also people who get asian flush, we are talking to you!) can do to at least handle a drink or two.


You want to enjoy drinks because there is life out there.

Let’s face it, Drinking is fun. But not just that, there are some social benefits of moderate alcohol consumption.

If you can hold your drinks, you get to…

  • taste different kinds of liquor from all over the world like wine, champagne or sake.
  • enjoy the night outs with your friends or partner.
  • be more social and have a chance to meet new people.
  • “fit in” – this may sound weird but I’m sure lightweights can relate.

When done moderately, drinking can play a positive role in social occasions and celebrations.

Misuse of alcohol can cause serious problems but if you do it wisely it can lighten up your social life.


“Drinking plenty of water while you drink” – Myth or fact?

When you google remedies for hangover or how not to get too drunk, often you see the results saying “drink water”. But drinking water itself does not solve the actual cause of the problem. Here is why.


It’s genetic

For example, if your are a type of person who gets asian flush very easily, it is because you genetically lack the enzyme to metabolize the toxin Acetaldehyde which is produced in the process of breaking down alcohol.

(Click here for the detailed explanation about alcohol metabolism)

Drinking water itself won’t flush out the toxic Acetaldehyde in your body. What drinking water does is simply, keeping you hydrated. When you drink alcohol, you might experience the need to go to the toilet more than you usually do. That is because of diuretic effects of alcohol so it is very important that you keep hydrated while drinking.


Our supplements can help

These days, you can find supplements for almost any purposes and troubles related to drinking alcohol is not an exception.

If you are a lightweight and find it hard to enjoy drinks or suffering from that embarrassing asian flush, it means you lack the enzymes that works to metabolize alcohol and toxic Acetaldehyde. But if you don’t have it, take supplements. Take supplements that will provide you enzymes you need and help you detox the toxin. Not only will it help you to avoid unpleasant effects of drinking alcohol, it will also better your gut health.

Drinking water while you drink will keep you hydrated so that’s good but did it help you to tolerate alcohol more? Or did it keep you from getting asian flush? If your answer is no, then try taking enzyme supplements.

Japanese enzyme supplement KISLip is especially made to metabolize alcohol.

This might change your life.

I promise you it’s worth giving it a shot.

Brighter tomorrow, brighter future!

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